Driven by the passion of the game and the creation of video games, 3 friends came together to create Gravity Goat.

We all met as we were working for the same company to make Flash video games. Quickly, we started to make games on our free time together, first with Haxe and then with Unity, we participated in our first Ludum Dare and we spread this passion to the people around us.

Ludum Dare is a 3 times a year game jam, pretty famous amongst indie developpers

Soon, we were half a dozen of people making games together during Ludum Dare, and even sometimes just for fun, for ourselves. We then decided to make our little group a bit more official and we create the Angry Squirrels collective.

We even made a logo!

We participated in a lot of Ludum Dare all together. We even participated in a challenge organized by Unity, the Unity 2D Challenge, with the game A Matter of Light and we won! It was such an experience and a thrill to be recognized by our peers.

However, our wishes toward the creation of video games were not constant in the group. Everybody had their own priorities and as some wanted to become professional, some simply couldn’t fully commit to this activity. So the 3 friends from the beginning of the story decided to make games on their own, and after some times, they created Gravity Goat.

It took us quite a time to find a proper logo

Our ambitions are quite big. But as a small team for now, we are primarly targeting casual mobile games , even though our game expertise goes beyond that.

So stay tuned, and soon you will find the most exciting games coming from here! 🙂