Turbo Cook is a cooking and crafting game. The player must use knobs, buttons and sliders in order to operate machinery to cook a pizza in the perfect way. The player’s actions will have a direct impact on the final result. Too much pressure and the pizza dough will be squished flat, too much grating and it will end in a disgusting cheese mess.


Technology : Unity

Genre : DIY, Crafting

Platform: iOS

If you love pizza, this game is for you.You are in charge of cooking the tastiest pizzas ever !But don’t worry! It would be a piece of cak… pizza! You have the best tools available. Just use the knobs (and your brain) and your pizzas will be the best of the whole world!Come and play this tasty 3D funny game!


  • 3D low-poly
  • knobs gameplay
  • pizza
  • fun results